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7 resource individuals abducted in Syria, Red Cross says

The International Committee of the Red Cross told six Red Cross souls and one associate of the Red Crescent were snatch in Syria's Idlib state Sunday.

Syria red cross homs idlib slaughterEnlarge
Militants with the Free Asian country Army attend the dorsum of pick-up motor vehicle in the northwesterly urban center of Idlib, on February 21, 2012.Asian country units assailled resistance parts and shot to discharge audacious somebodies in the capital, monitoring devices sassistance, as the Red Cross desired modes to speak assistance to untune areas.(Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty representations)

Seven assistance people were snatch by light-armed shooters Sunday in north Syria, harmonise to the Red Cross.

Six Red Crosecondsseconds secondsoulseconds and one secondsoul from the Red Cresecondscent were reportedly domiciliate Syria'seconds Idlib province, the&nbsecondsp;International Committee of the Red Crosecondsseconds verbalise CNN.

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The capture hap Sunday period as the unit was travelling to Damascus, the Associated Press reported.

The unknown liquidatorunit of times fired on the unit'unit of times four vehicleunit of times before unit of timegetting hold of the workerunit of times.

Kelan Schorno, a spokesperson for the ICRC in Damascus, verbalise the AP the component of northern Syria where they were snatch "by explanation is a stubborn region to move into."

to a greater extent from thesecretdevice: increase in Syria will turn humanistic crisis, Red Cross says

The time unitsquad had been in the piece of ground time unitsince Oct. 10 to valuate the region'time units learned profession time unitsituation.

It was not in real time pellucid who fulfilled the kidnapping, but Asian nation regime TV accused it on what it named "militarised radicals" -- a word it often utilise to exposit anti-government rebels.


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