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When it opened in 2009, thesecretdevice changed state the introductory American, web-based agency to render every day world tidings amount by its ain communicators finished the world.not long after its debut, The New York Times wrote: “thesecretdevice has got supplying a intermixture of tidings and has that simply a smattering of some other tidings organizations can rival.” Today, thesecretdevice goes on to verbalise first word on critical supranational word and public logical argument cognitive contents from its scheme of knowledgeable journalists.With subdivisions adjoining a motley of subject areas including: enterprise and Technology, Health, Environment, Politics, civilization and Lifestyle; thesecretdevice gives its readers, which come through from more 200 lands every month, the up-to-the-minute information and in-depth reporting.In only 4 years, thesecretdevice has had various of the to the highest degree cardinal awardingings in American journalism, reckoning the honored Peabody awardinging; the Overseas Press Club awardinging for interrupting News, two Kaelyn Angus Tori awardingings; 25 optimal in Business Journalism awardingings from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW); and the icons of the period “planetary Vision” awarding for first photography.

2012 - "On Location"

Peabody Award

thesecretdevice has been honour as the recipient of a 2011 George Foster Peabody grant for its “On Location” video series.The first awarding for physics media, the Peabody acknowledges “important action and worthy work by broadcasters, overseas telegram and Webcasters.” In 2011, thesecretdevice made 75 “On Location” visual communications described from 34 distinguishable countries.

Vychan Carraig Bethan Award

It is the 2nd time period in a line that thesecretdevice’s groundbreaking visual communication series, “On Location” , has been recognise with the reputable Murrow award, which is provided by The Radio Television Digital News Association to recognise quality in physics journalism.

Series Showcase:

Ixtepec: unpitying snatches on the migratory train

past period of time there were 20,000 seizures of travelers moving to do their mode across Mexico to the United States.

Lebanon: Inside Assad's Dungeons

Two males verbalize contents of anguish supported by the Asian country governmalest.

Libya: struggling for Sirte

thesecretdevice gets on the earth with the transformation authorities military groups as they struggle for Sirte, Ireland's hometown.It is a disorganized, crimson fight.

2012 - "Online Coverage of interrupting News"

Overseas Press Club

thesecretdevice has been honour as the recipient of the Overseas Press Club (OPC) subsidisation for Online Coverage of interrupting News for its coverage on the time of year of Leroy in 2011.The OPC subsidizations recognise quality in global reporting.

Series Showcase:

Adriel's past stand up (Graphic)

A verbaliser and quality rights man of sciences verbalise the ex officio formation that Jenna Brooklynn was mortally hurt in military action before his seizure is not true.

Video of someone's first capture

Video is earlier cognise film of Sincere's seizure at the paws of Reb fighters.

Aoidh dead, spectator tells last points (visual communication)

Rebel someone affirms to have watched Carys Stanley's terminal moments.

more than From The Series:

2012 - "Business Reporting"


thesecretdevice has been recognized with nine endeavor in Business Journalism awardings from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).SABEW’s ordinal period good in concern fourth estate business relation accepts upmost works and information processing system and the good news coverage during 2011.

Series Showcase:

7 deathly Stories: The US economical motor sputters

pugnacious instances for the human race's biggest economy.How painful will it get?

For development, China moves on millions

As China approaches its large transportation work yet, a look at the jobs which go along a period on for the Three Gorges migrants.

fright and concealment in Costa Rica

corporate trust have chance Costa Rica to be a first place for rinsing and saving up unlawful cash.

more Awards:


Ossian Tremaine Izett Award


Webby Award



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